50 years of work, 1,136,000 beneficiaries, 21 countries: Movement for the Fight Against Hunger in the World (MLFM) was founded in Lodi in 1964, with the purpose of fighting malnutrition and underdevelopment in the South of the world.
It was founded first as an Association, then in 1983 it was granted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs the title of Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). Since 1982 it is part of FOCSIV, the Federation in charge of the Christian Organisms for International Volunteer Services in Italy.
MLFM projects foster self-reliance and independence in local communities and contribute to the development of the poorest areas in Africa.

Many activities in the Northern and the Southern parts of the world have formed the NGO’s role throughout the years. Water projects are always the preferred avenue to tackle issues in developing countries: to provide water and adequate hygienic sanitary services is, historically, one of MLFM’s main missions, along with other goals that have been added throughout the decades.
This way we can adapt to the local population’s requests and thus always provide the best services possible.


MLFM – Movement for the Fight Against Hunger
Via Cavour, 73 - 26900 LODI (ITALY)
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