April 2021

The Mat Valley is located in northeastern Albania and is one of the four regions that make up the Diocese of Rrëshen, located along the road leading to the border with Macedonia.

The territory consists mainly of a wide valley with small villages of people relying on family subsistence agriculture. This kind of agriculture is very simple and lacks the appropiate skills and tools for market production. The most developed activities are agriculture and animal husbandry, the basis of a predominantly agricultural economy.

In an area such as the Mat Valley, social, educational and economic exclusion are widespread: inland areas, as opposed to coastal areas, suffer from high levels of unemployment and significant infrastructure and service deficiencies, especially in the transportation sector, in water treatment and supply to all villages, and in waste management.

The project in the Diocese of Rrëshen aims to improve the quality of life and economic inclusion of vulnerable families residing in the Municipalities of Klos and Mat, to decrease displacement, especially of fathers of families and young people out of the country.


The project, which started in December 2020, will provide over three years:

  • training and support for the development of market-oriented agribusiness production (fruit and vegetables, milk and dairy production) for 162 households in the area, with a focus on low-income youths to foster employment in the area and discourage the practice of emigration out of the country;
  • organization of a new nursery and a vineyard where new techniques of market-oriented agriculture can be tested in practice;
  • construction of a gravity-fed aqueduct with storage of water from the surrounding mountains, for human use and not just agricultural use. The aqueduct, in particular, involves the construction and placement of 7 kilometers of pipelines and the creation of a water deposit;
  • installation of a 200-m3 water deposit for water distribution;
  • upgrade of an already active family dairy factory that processes cow's milk from 42 local families to improve income possibilities for farming families. 



The project is led by No One Out and is developed in collaboration with Medicus Mundi Italy (MMI) and local partners Rrëshen Caritas Diocesana and Klos Municipality.

The project is funded by Conferenza Episcopale Italiana (CEI).