Who we are
August 2018
Who we are

MLFM is a non-governmental organization that has been fighting poverty in the countries of the South of the World since 1964 to promote their growth and future independence. In 59 years it has been in 21 countries with international cooperation projects that have been implemented with the contribution of expatriate cooperators and the local population.


The lack of access to clean water, the impossibility for a child to attend school and, again, the unjust distribution of wealth and the denial of fundamental rights in the poorest countries of the world are concrete obstacles against which MLFM struggles every day.

We imagine a world of solidarity, equality and peace thanks to dialogue and collaboration between peoples so that everyone can enjoy fundamental rights, with a view to sustainable development.


We work to contribute to solving the problem of inequality and the poverty it generates with genuine solutions that promote the autonomy of the populations and communities with which we cooperate.

Bringing Clean and Safe Water is the first drop of our work: we start from the primary needs to get to building Development and the Future.

MLFM builds fountains, aqueducts and supports schools and health centers ensuring a healthy environment and preventing diseases related to insufficient hygienic conditions or dirty and contaminated water. MLFM provides training to farmers and peasants, so that they can make valuable goods for local trade and food to bring to their tables for their families from their land.

In Italy it promotes the need for a global approach to social and environmental problems through educational and training courses in schools and among citizens, promoting the integration of foreign cultures and volunteering in the area.

Let no one die of hunger or thirst. Nobody!

For 59 years we have been guaranteeing clean water and nutritious food to those who need it most, wherever they are.

Water is the first drop of our work. From that drop the life of every person is reborn!