August 2018

Let no one die of hunger or thirst. Nobody!

Until we have to repeat this sentence we will have a reason for our daily action.

The lack of access to clean water, the inability for a child to attend school, and the unjust distribution of wealth, the denial of fundamental rights, mistreatment and abuse of children in the poorest countries of the world are obstacles. concrete against which we fight every day.

We work directly in the field, in rural development, education and hygiene projects in countries such as Rwanda and Congo, in Africa and we promote educational activities and paths in Italy, in schools, squares and reception centers, to spread integration, solidarity and promote active citizenship.

Often our starting point is to bring clean water and ensure that all villages have access to this precious resource. Where there is water there is life: we build fountains, aqueducts, but also schools and educational centers, so that the little ones can learn to read and write, without the constant thought of having to look for water, a necessary source of life.

We are committed to maintaining a healthy environment and preventing the onset of diseases related to insufficient hygienic conditions or dirty and contaminated water. We provide training to farmers and peasants, so that they can make precious goods from their land for local trade and food to bring to their tables for their families. We work in collaboration with the local communities of the poorest countries in the world to promote their growth and their future autonomy. We have a versatile approach to the problem and genuine solutions that promote the local economy of the populations we support.

Let's start with the basic needs to build Development and the Future.

We aspire to a just world in which no one dies from lack of water or nutritious food. We dream of a world in which they have solidarity and equality and have the space they deserve. Only in this way can we truly aspire to peace among peoples.

We are committed to creating a world in which even those who seem weaker can have their own dignity and can see their fundamental rights recognized.

For more than 50 years we have been guaranteed clean water and nutritious food to those who need it anywhere, wherever it is.

Water is the first drop of our work.

From that drop the life of each person is reborn!