CASA EK’ABANA (Home for abandoned children)
September 2022
CASA EK’ABANA (Home for abandoned children)

Casa Ek'Abana is the "Girls' Home" founded in 2002 by Sister Natalina Isella, who still carries out the activities within the foyer and in the nearby communities with collaborators, educators, interns, and volunteers. In 2022, on the 20th anniversary of the birth of this reception project, we remembered the moment in which Natalina welcomed the first 9 girls accused of witchcraft, because they had nowhere to stay, where to sleep, nor someone who - with kindness and patience - took care of them. Since then, over 450 children have been welcomed, with an average of 2 new girls every month and a total of more than 40 welcomes per year. 

The chronic situation of instability in Congo falls heavily on children, 2 out of 3 do not have access to education for a total of 7 million minors who do not attend school and who often become street children because they are abandoned by their families. Female daughters are often removed from their families because they are accused of being "child witches", that is, they are responsible for any type of misfortune that happens to the family, such as an accident, the death of a brother or the birth of a child. with a disability. 

In 2022, 14 girls have been reinserted into a family context and more than 1,000 children have been supported by Casa Ek'Abana with scholastic support. The activities carried out at Casa Ek'Abana are possible thanks to 39 Distance Support active in 2022. 


We support Casa Ek'Abana with Distance Support, which allows us to carry out the following activities: 

  • -Hospitality at the house 
  • -Payment of school fees and purchase of teaching materials 
  • -Supporting the study and implementation of recreational activities 
  • -Psychological and educational support for guests and initiation of a family mediation process with the biological family (where possible) or gradual knowledge of the potential foster family 
  • -Introduction to professions and skills development paths 

Furthermore, Casa Ek'Abana supports families in difficulty with: 

  • -Payment of school fees for those who are unable to cover the expense independently 
  • -Support in after-school activities for street children, known as “mamimihogo” (children who sell water on the streets) 
  • -Starting small income-generating activities for street children (e.g. breeding of small animals) 


Furthermore, since 2021, a program of educational, physiotherapeutic, and informational activities to support children with disabilities and their families has been launched at Casa Ek'Abana and in 4 other community places in Bukavu (parishes). In 2022, thanks to these activities, 8 children with disabilities started attending school together with their peers again. 


City of Bukavu, South Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of Congo 


Since 2002 we have welcomed more than 420 girls: we take care of around 40-45 girls and boys every year. We offer scholastic support to 1200 children per year. 

Sister Natalina Isella is Ek'Abana's "mother", the one who laid the foundation stone of the Center and who is the heart and strength of the Children's Home. 

Casa Ek'Abana is supported by MLFM and other associations such as the Friends of Silvana Association and Helpcode, as well as by Caritas of Bukavu.